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qubetechnet records logoQubetechnet is a small net-label. Started 2005 in order to promote the artist Qubenzis’ two d├ębut albums ‘Xen Breaks’ and ‘Cosmic Embryo Electronica’. 2008 Qubenzis released a new series of tracks under the name Qubenzis Psy Audio [Q.P.A.], also promoted by the Label Qubetechnet. The later releases are Psytrance and Progressive Trance oriented music. Qubetechnet is part of the new generation of labels mainly using Internet for distribution of electronic music. (mp3, wav etc.)


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Qubetechnet records is directly affiliated with our own download store called "qubenzis download store". There you can buy albums, songs, producer sample packs and much more from QPA and related artists. Enter the store here or try the links to the specific products (below) www.qubenzis.com/store


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